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I think it kinda diminishes the effect of the book having watched the movie, but it was a still bloody good read! the narrator is just this great character and voice and the book is just overflowing with all these great/humourous/shocking/quotable lines. unfortunately, the movie just about used all of them...and rightly so. what was with the hospital ending though? i preferred the movie's ending. it just seemed like it's last quarter just lost whatever the rest of the book had and became trite and lame and repetitive. and i didn't think marla was well characterised in the book. in the movie she was this convincing washed up sarcastic character, but in the book she was just a little too obsessed with tyler and the way she forgave him immediately for shooting that guy...i really didn't buy that. i don't know maybe just the awesomeness of the movie finishing with the pixies is colouring my opinion. when i was thinking about it before, i really had a lot more positives to say. it was a nice change of pace from all the fantasy books i've been reading, they're always a slog, but this i raced through! i think it's because the sentences are so short. in conclusion, i liked it a lot, hated the ending, biased by the movie.
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