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Literary Circles

For lovers of literature

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This is intended to be a community for anyone who loves to read, or write, or both. It was born out of an intense disgust at so many exclusive, elitist communities. It is open to all and anyone is welcome to have their say. So if any of the following apeal to you, Feel free to join our lovely community!

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

1)General discussion on books you have read and loved, books you need to read for a class and desperately need help on, what you are writing, what you have written, general writing techniques and tips or anything else under the sun that you can think of. I'm not going to tell someone off for writing an ode to their fish. All writing is good writing.

2)To present works that you have written (or are working on) to a small and supportive audience.

3)And as of recently, this community will also serve an an online book club. If you have any reccomendations for a book to read, feel free to mention it to one of the mods or in a post. Once a book is chosen, don't be afraid to post disscussions, questions, comments or anything else about the current book. Remember, this community is all about what you want to read, so don't hesitate to post.

The only thing that will not be tolerated is unfair criticism and "bashing" of other people's written works or comments in general. We want people to feel encouraged to speak up, not oppressed. This doesn't mean that if someone writes something that you do not like or find obvious fault in, you are not permitted to write your feelings. Write them in a positive and constructive way and everyone will be happy. Advertising of other communities and outside sites is most welcome as long as they are not profit-based and are related to this community in some way.

Your mods: comicstar,shyguyjosh and confused11390